Childright seminars and keynote programs offer new insights into the daily business of living and working with others, especially children. All are custom designed for each audience. Popular topics include:

    • Discipline for Life: Getting it Right with Children
    • Gaining Cooperation - Without Losing Your Mind
    • Linking Discipline, Character Development, and Self-esteem
    • The Future Will Depend on What We Do Today
    • Building Self-Esteem: Creating the Best Place to Be
    • Dealing With Angry People: How to be Heard Without Shouting!
    • Successful Parent Conferences
    • Kids Are Uncivilized Little Bozo's - I Mean This in the Kindest Way
    • Best Gifts: Character Development and True Self-regard
    • Why Can't I Just Tell My Kids What to Do?
    • The Fine Art of Frogkissing
    • Nothing Recedes Like Success
    • Challenging Behaviors, Children, Parents, Times and World
    • Do You Believe in Magic? The Magic and Power Within
    • Working With Not Against Others

Madelyn Swift knows that her issues are very serious but can captivate an audience with clarity and humor that make listening easy. She is a veteran at handling off-the-cuff questions while being quick-witted and articulate. She has the ability to connect with her audience and to effortlessly draw them in and meet their needs as they arise.


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