About the Author

Internationally acclaimed speaker and authority on discipline and communication, Madelyn Swift is President of Childright. Her seminars shine with warmth, humor and humanness, and achieve a unique balance among common sense, life principles, and practical easy-to-understand strategies.

Madelyn lives in Texas with her husband. Her two sons are currently pursuing their careers in their respective fields.


To provide practical information and tips which help parents and educators effectively discipline children and, at the same time, teach life lessons so that our future generation learn to make good, sound decisions, to communicate respectfully with others, and to be responsible for their actions.


Get Answers to Your Questions:

What do you want from discipline? Better behaved, more cooperative children? Certainly! 

Childright products, including books, tapes and videos, or live presentations, including seminars or keynote workshops, will help you accomplish this and so much more. Childright programs can show you how to help your children succeed and become respectful, responsible, self-disciplined individuals who know how to make good decisions, communicate effectively, and treat others with respect.